Sarah Silverman ‘scared,’ ‘shaken’ by seeing American flag flown in yard — Video

During Thursday’s edition of I Love You, America With Sarah Silverman, the host gave a monologue on the subject of nationalism and recalled being “scared” and “shaken” by the sight of an American flag being flown in her boyfriend’s front yard.

According to a transcript posted by Newsbusters:

Silverman: I had a boyfriend many years ago, he was my first boyfriend who had his own house, and one day I went outside to see what he was doing, and he was hoisting an American flag up the flagpole in his front yard. And I instantly felt very weird. It didn’t make sense, but I felt this feeling of like, um, I felt scared – yeah, I felt scared. So I was like, ‘Uh, what are you doing?’ and he said, ‘Raising the flag,’ and I was like, ‘Why?’ and he’s like, ‘Um, because I love America?’ and I was like,



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