Sarah Huckabee Sanders Ticks Off Holiday-Hating Liberals by Bringing Thanksgiving to Press Briefing

Another user attacked Sanders’ application of eye-shadow because, well, liberalism.

Before reporters can ask a question at the WH press briefing, Huckabee Sanders is making them say what they’re thankful for. Bizarre.

But considering Thanksgiving is Thursday, the question is not bizarre at all.

Some people accused Sanders of treating reporters like children. But let’s face it — the mainstream media has acted like spoiled brats since President Donald Trump won the election. They have attempted to smear his name and have spread lies about him.

The MSM is nothing but spoiled brats and total morons. Are you serious? They have a problem with saying what they are ‘thankful for’ on the day before America celebrates Thanksgiving?

I’m sorry, but most Americans on Thanksgiving day will be doing just that! Taking a moment to reflect on all those things we are thankful for — family, faith, friends, freedom, our military, jobs,



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