Sanctuary Cities: Time for a Showdown

I give President Trump much credit for helping elevate the sanctuary cities issue to national attention. The problem is especially acute in my home state of California. San Francisco, arguably the worst example of a sanctuary city, is up in arms and tensions are high now that Trump and ICE have signaled their intentions to target the Bay Area in an effort to remove criminal illegal aliens and those who have ignored deportation orders. Yet, the city leaders and the plethora of advocacy groups are calling for resistance. They were not shaken by the Kate Steinle killing by an illegal alien criminal who had been deported multiple times. On the contrary, a San Francisco jury acquitted the killer.

This week, the University of California at Berkeley is in turmoil (as usual) because one of its students, Luis Mora, an illegal alien from Colombia who overstayed his visa, was picked up and is being held



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