San Francisco Using Robots to Purge Homeless From Sidewalks

Looks like San Francisco has a low-cost solution to getting homeless people off the streets. Since they can’t afford the hiring real people after passing the higher minimum wage law, they’ve elected to go with robots. That’s right! So what if they passed laws to appease other liberals for higher minimum wage, they prefer robots over people. I’m sorry. It’s just business.

Reported by The Blaze, the San Francisco SPCA is using an autonomous robot to deter homeless people from loitering outside its sprawling facility in the Mission neighborhood.

Krista Maloney, a spokeswoman for the SF SPCA, told Business Insider that the pet adoption and animal advocacy organization bought the robot because too many homeless people were blocking the sidewalks. So far, it seems to be working, she said. There are fewer homeless people around and fewer car break-ins, according to Maloney.

The robot is called K9 and has pictures of dogs and cats



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