Samantha Power had ‘political bias’ while unmasking Trump-linked names

Former U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power kept up a steady flow of emails lashing out at then-President-elect Trump, strategizing on how to undermine his agenda and coordinating opposition to him during her last few months of Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House, a new report reveals.

It was at a time when she was “unmasking,” or revealing the identities, of dozens of Trump campaign staff members caught up in federal surveillance of foreigners.

The American Center for Law and Justice said in a report: “Let that sink in: the same top-level Obama administration official reported to have made some 260 unmasking requests seeking surveillance information about the incoming president and his campaign team was simultaneously engaged in communications in which she consoled others over the election results, blatantly insulted the president-elect, colluded with the mainstream media, and actively sought out ways to undermine the new administration before it had even begun.




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