Saline Spray Could Slow COVID’s Spread, Study Says

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You have seen techniques for washing your hands on every TV channel.

Wearing masks and social distancing are the main steps against coronavirus in all of the world.

But according to researchers, there may be some alternatives, such as a nasal saline solution.

Investigations of SARS-CoV-2 suggest that similar to other upper respiratory viral infections, it happens mainly in the nose mucosa, with high viral loads right at the beginning of the disease.

So, researchers believe nasal washes may play a role in reducing the severity and transmission since the nose lining tissue acts as a primary defense against invaders. Did you know that?

In a study from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, researchers found that hypertonic saline solutions can inhibit the replication of Sars-CoV-2, making it possible to develop new treatments for Covid-19.

The study is still undergoing trials and, while positive the results still don’t represent a coronavirus cure.

The research team says it is a simpler and cheaper measure to minimize the severity of Covid-19 by reducing its viral load.

This treatment could be added to safety protocols as a means of preventing contagion.



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