Salaries for terrorists will continue, Middle East money men vow

In a deliberate poke in the eye to the United States, the Palestinian Authority has stated its complete rejection of America’s Taylor Force Act, which cuts most U.S. financial aid to the governing body if it continues to use the donated money to pay terrorists’ salaries.

The bill, passed by Congress this week, is named after an American, Taylor Force, who was killed by terrorists in the Middle East. It halts virtually all U.S. aid to the Palestinians because they pay salaries to terrorists who are jailed or annuities to their families if they are killed.

It’s been a point of concern among many Western nations since the practice was exposed some years ago.

The expense amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Palestinian Media Watch documented PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ statement to the PLO Central Council that “we will continue to pay them.”

Official PA TV said there is



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