Saggy Pants Law Proposed In South Carolina: Pants Down, Hands Up Goes the Song

The legislative body of South Carolina is busy doing the people’s work.  They have carefully crafted and passing legislation making it illegal to wear saggy pants.

Mission accomplished, everyone can go home, the world is good, nothing to see here – anymore.

The law would make it illegal to wear your jeans or anything else; “three inches below the crest of the ileum”. The ileum is “the third and lowest division of the small intestine, extending from the jejunum to the cecum”, according to

I know what you’re thinking: Anybody wearing their pants around their knees probably can’t pronounce these words, much less know what they mean, much less know how to Google them.

Just based on this definition I am already foreseeing problems with this law.  I did not even know what ileum meant.  Are police officers really going to be determining this?  Perhaps they will be armed with x-ray machines to make an exact



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