S.E. Cupp Goes Off On Gun Grabbers

The gun grabbers want to assage your fears that they really want to take your weapons away from you and deprive you of the Second Amendment protections. S.E. Cupp was interviewed and says that when they say this, they mean just the opposite. She then gives some excellent examples of political leaders and mainstream media hacks that say one thing to your face and then says exactly the opposite when you are not paying attention. She has a very insightful look at the issue and a pointed warning that gun grabbers can never be trusted to say what they really mean. 

As Written and Reported By Thomas Fondcardo for Newsbusters:

HLN conservative host S.E. Cupp followed up her masterful takedown of self-righteous journalists who become anti-gun activists, last Thursday, by using the opening monologue of Tuesday’s S.E. Cupp Unfiltered to call out disingenuous gun grabbers for lying about their intentions. “There is nothing more disingenuous



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