Rutgers University Forcing Students To Take Crazy Liberal Class

One wouldn’t expect this to happen in New Jersey, where talking about the home of the Sopranos, Jersey Shore, and Chris Christe. But as the left continues their assault on American culture, the trend toward outlawing offensive thoughts has become a central focus for liberals everywhere, including Rutgers University.

The big picture concerns here are fundamentally about the First Amendment.  The left would like the all-important right to free speech to be altered to include consequences for thoughts or statements that may hurt someone’s feelings or cause them to question their own beliefs.  In reality, it’s not freedom of speech that liberals actually want; it is merely freedom from speech.  Their ultimate goal would be the outlawing of any offensive statements, at any time, for any reason.

This ethos has never been more apparent than it is on college campuses in recent years, as administrators and student organizations alike continue to mandate

Andrew West

Andrew West

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