Russian Troll Apocalypse? It’s Like Pearl Harbor? Let’s Get A Grip, Folks!

Astonishingly, the use of social media to promote political themes in the United States, for which a Washington, D.C. grand jury last week indicted 13 Russians, is now being compared – as an attack on America – to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

I think most people are sensible enough to simply discredit this hyperventilation and move on.  But it’s important, before moving on, to register a couple of points about the Russian activity.

Each one starts with the reality that it is a serious matter, to know that Russia is trying to stoke political divisions among Americans.

Russia has been attempting to do that for an almost-uninterrupted period of 100 years now.

That’s basically one of the important points to remember.  If each new instance of it is a catastrophe on the order of the attack on Pearl Harbor or the felling of the Twin Towers, what does that make the last one? 



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