Russia Hacking Fallacy Falls Flat with Americans, Poll Says

Before Barack Obama finally, and thankfully left the White House, he spent an inordinate amount of time pushing an asinine conspiracy theory.

The shock that the liberals felt as Donald Trump overtly trounced Hillary Clinton on November 8th sent the entire American political left into a dirging, downward spiral of hate, blame, and despondence.  Out of those emotions rose the need for a scapegoat – someone to blame their embarrassment on.

Only a sliver of the American populace fell for Obama’s nonsense regarding Russia’s hacking of the U.S. election.

The perfect enemyto blame was right at hand for the liberals, as Clinton herself had desperately tried to connect Donald Trump with the purported scourge of the Eastern world; Vladimir Putin.

Trump, for what it’s worth, had been openly considering using diplomacy as his number one tool with the Russians, as opposed to relying on decades of stale, mutually-assured destruction…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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