Roy Moore is the new Republican Party

A year ago, presidential nominee Donald Trump took the Republican party by surprise.

And this year, it’s Senate candidate Roy Moore.

He has ignored all the rules of modern-day politics.

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He speaks unscripted. He skimps on fundraising. He undervalues get-out-the-vote efforts. And he attacks the leaders of his own political party without mercy.

On the ground in Alabama, some believe the Republican Moore is poised to win the state’s special election Tuesday in a race that features extraordinary parallels with Trump’s White House run.

“Trump was a rejection of the elite, and I think a lot of folks were hopeful that was a one-time glitch in the system,” said Republican operative Andy Surabian, who worked for the Trump campaign last year and now advises a super PAC working to elect Moore. “But it was really an indicator of a long-term trend



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