Roy Moore gathering evidence for possible legal action against accusers — Video

During a Tuesday night interview with conservative radio talk show host Scott Beason on Alabama Cable Network, Judge Roy Moore said he and his advisers are gathering evidence for possible legal action against at least one of his female accusers, NBC News reported Wednesday.

“Do you plan to pursue any legal action with defamation against any of these people — Washington Post or anybody?” Beason asked.

“We are,” Moore said in response. “We’re talking about The Washington Post. We’re talking about the women involved.”

It’s no secret that Moore intended to go after the Post, as we reported here and here.  But this is the first report we’ve seen that he intends to go after his accusers.

As we observed here, however, the Moore campaign issued a statement which essentially destroyed the allegations made by accuser Beverly Young Nelson and her attorney, Gloria Allred, who still has not handed



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