Roy Moore Accuser Worked For Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden; ‘Likes’ Soros-linked Groups [VIDEO]

Would it surprise to know that one of the accusers of Judge Roy Moore is a former employee of both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton?  Perhaps a better question to ask is why are you surprised.  An even better question is if these women are telling the truth, why did they wait so long?  After all, Moore has run for office many times including two times for the Alabama Supreme Court.

I have come to expect false sex allegations from the left before every election.  It’s like the sun rising in the East.  Sure and steady and then the accusers fade into the background right after the vote.  In fact the fake news site, the Washington Post, tried to say four women accused Moore of sexual improprieties.  That’s a lie.  Three of the women say that Moore did not have sex or try to have sex with them.  Coincidentally,



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