Roger Goodell’s Priorities Are ALL WRONG!

Once again our President is taking sports driven heat through an anxious anti-Trump media when stating his approach to this Kaepernick inspired insanity.  However, as has proven to be the case over and over, our President is totally correct because he has the right priorities. On the other hand, the priorities of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell are not only narcissistic but all wrong.

Tell me what’s so oppressive in our society which justifies this National disgrace of millionaires disrespecting the country which provided them with the opportunity to get rich?  Are there injustices by authority?  Yes, but when the people in authority are the police, the questionable conduct is very rare and far between, and any solution to this problem exists far away from an NFL sideline.

Having stated this, I grew up in the fifties when society was less open to change.  I for one have watched and



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