Robert Mugabe Is Ousted, 37 Years After Jimmy Carter Put Him In Power

Every Despot has their day, and today seems to be Robert Mugabe’s day. The military has taken control in Zimbabwe and says it’s taken custody of President Mugabe, and his wife who he recently named as VP. The despotic Mugabe has in power since 1980.

The Military has emphasized that it did not stage a military takeover, instead, they were starting a process to restore Zimbabwe’s democracy. Apparently, the straw that broke the despot’s back was when Mugabe fired his Vice President and made his wife the country’s number two. Grace Mugabe has earned the public’s scorn with her lavish and very public spending, on real estate, diamonds, and other luxury items,

Mugabe’s savage rule over Zimbabwe was dominated by murder, bloodshed, torture, persecution of political opponents, intimidation, and vote-rigging on a grand scale, but few recall that it was American President Jimmy Carter who put him in office.



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