Rising Anti-Semitism, Ultra-nationalism in Ukraine Raises Concerns  

Non-governmental organizations, civil libertarians, and business leaders warn that Ukraine appears to be sliding toward an increasingly nationalistic, anti-Semitic era characterized by hooliganism, threats, and i,n some cases, outright violence to Jews.

The precise degree of the culture’s drift toward a nationalism bordering on fascism — with a strong anti-Jewish drift — is difficult to determine. The situation there has been clouded by Russia’s recent invasion and annexation of Crimea, an act that has drawn support for the Kiev government across Europe and the United States.

But the Simon Wiesenthal Center has complained about the growing anti-Semitism in Ukraine and filed several protests in recent months over the direction this nation of 42.5 million souls appears to be taking.

In May, anti-Semitic Facebook posts attributed to a retired Ukrainian general, Vasily Vovk, shook Ukrainian society and triggered alarm bells in democratic nations around the globe.

“I am completely against Jews,”



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