Rio Is Punishing American Olympians For Being Victims

Rio Is Kidnapping Olympic Athletes (Image: MGN)

Three Olympic swimmers are being detained in Rio due to an investigation into a robbery claim that they say they are the victims of. So far the local police have been able to find no proof that the robbery even happened. The swimmers are also not sticking to their original claim and are now changing key details in their recollection of the event. One of the swimmers who claimed to be there, Ryan Lochte, made it back to America before they confiscated his passport.

A handful of Olympic swimmers recently gave a report that they were robbed at gunpoint by a group of individuals who were dressed up as police officers and heavily armed. Jack Conger, Gunnar Bentz, Ryan Lochte, and Jimmy Feigen all claim to have been there when the robbery happened. Well, now the police of Rio de Janeiro want some…



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