Revised Grassley-Graham Memo Issued- Gowdy Names Blumenthal As Steele’s Clinton Source

January 2018 memo to FBI Assistant Director Rod Rosenstein from Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was partially declassified and made public on Friday, 2 February.  A newer version of the release was issued on Tuesday, with fewer redactions. In the memo, the senators assert that in October 2016, while he was compiling his dossier, Christopher Steele received information relevant to the dossier from an associate of the Clintons, and incorporated it in the dossier. During an interview with Martha McCallum on Tuesday, Trey Gowdy implied that the Clinton source was Sid Blumenthal.

This is something we could have put together as likely, using previously known information.  But a newer version of the declassified portion of the Grassley-Graham memo was released Tuesday and is now available — which quotes directly from a Steele memo that hasn’t been released previously to the public (but which the FBI holds) – it looks



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