Review: Black Panther, A Different Type Of Superhero Movie

Note: This review of Black Panther reveals no spoilers

If the bard, William Shakespeare wrote the plot for a superhero movie it would have been similar to Black Panther. Less than a movie about a person with superpowers, Black Panther is about political intrigue and someone trying to remove a king from his rightful place on the throne, the basic plot of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar,  Hamlet, Macbeth, Richard III, and Richard II. However do not fear superhero fans, the script is not in iambic pentameter, nor is it in 16th century English. Black Panther is a different kind of superhero movie, in theme and in its politics, but it is a superhero movie.

The movie begins by explaining that centuries ago, five African tribes went to war over a meteorite containing vibranium. One warrior ingested a “heart-shaped herb” that was affected by the metal and gained superhuman abilities. He became the first

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