REVEALED! Soros plots the future of the Trump-hating ‘alt-left’

“On the Holmes Front, with Frank Holmes”

In November, while normal people were making plans for Thanksgiving, liberal billionaire George Soros and his cronies were making plans to take over the world.

Soros and dozens of deep-pocketed donors huddled behind closed doors to decide how to use their billions to defeat President Donald Trump.

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Documents made available to The Horn News reveal the mega-billionaires are plotting to turn every state in America into a little version of California!

The shadowy ultra-liberals met at the posh La Costa Resort in southern California for the fall meeting of the “Democracy Alliance.” But their real agenda is to make sure patriotic Americans lose control of their country forever.

The secretive group’s agenda describes its fall meeting (Nov. 15-18) as a “safe place” where everything that’s discussed – and even who was there – “should remain confidential.”



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