REVEALED: Hillary Clinton’s New Book Disses This Blogger (The Lid)

Hillary Clinton is an angry woman, but I am angrier than her because she used her new book to insult me personally. In recent days revelations from her new book, “I Lost Because Everyone Screwed Me” er, I mean “What Happened” have been sent to the press and it seems as if she has blamed everyone almost everyone for her presidential loss.

We knew she was going to blame Former FBI Director James “The Leaker”, Comey and the supposed Russian collusion (which she helped to invent by paying a former British spy to come up with a Russia story, compiling it in what is now called “The Trump Dossier”). But based on the press reports the former secretary of state has gone mad with anger, blaming almost everyone, here are just a few:

Bernie Sanders:  Hillary says that Bernie “caused lasting damage,” to her campaign made it harder to “unify progressives” and



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