Republicans Pass Anti-KKK Act – Outlawing Democrat Terrorist Groups!

That’s right – the KKK was a group that didn’t just hate Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, or anyone who didn’t look like a white Cracker…

… they also hated Republicans.

Because they were Democrats and they regularly lynched not only blacks, but Republicans too!

So, in 1868, after a mob of Democrats massacred 300 Blacks and Republicans in Opelousas, Louisiana on September 28th, Republicans began writing and passed the anti-Ku Klux Klan Act effectively outlawing Democratic domestic terrorist groups. Hat Tip: The Miller Center:

On April 20, 1871, at the urging of President Ulysses Grant, Congress passed the Ku Klux Klan Act. Also known as the third Enforcement Act, the bill was a controversial expansion of federal authority designed to give the federal government additional power to protect voters. The act established penalties in the form of fines and jail time for attempts to deprive citizens of equal protection under the laws and gave the President the authority to



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