Republican Turncoat Says GOP Now The Party Of Wikileaks & Snowden

Once upon a time, Joe Scarborough was a conservative Republican from the “Redneck Riviera” of the Florida panhandle. After his political career, he had an interesting morning show on TV which was popular with political geeks.

Sadly, it seems like those days are long gone now, as Scarborough has embraced the leftwing media swamp of the New York, D.C., Los Angeles triangle, and his TV show has become a booooring three-hours of nothing but ad hominem attacks on Republicans and anything else that might be conservative,

The change seemed to have started when he started “doing the nasty” with his then-married co-host the very far-left talking head Mike Brzezinski, he routinely agrees with the opinionistas at the Washington Post and the New York Times, and he almost always has bad things to say about his former party. Oh, that’s right… Scarborough recently abandoned the GOP in a very public and very ugly manner.

On Monday, Scarborough’s hate



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