Report: Trump’s Bluster Towards Maduro Boosted Venezuelan Dictator

President Donald Trump’s statement last week that the U.S. has “many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option, if necessary” was intended to strike fear into Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, but instead more likely boosted the dictator’s fortunes, Antonio Mora wrote in an opinion piece in The Hill.

Mora, who is a Venezuelan-affairs analyst and former news anchor for “Good Morning America,” said that although more than 80 percent of Venezuelans oppose the Maduro dictatorship, most also object to American troops violating the country’s sovereignty due to long-held resentments towards the U.S. for meddling in the region.

Trump’s saber-rattling has instead boosted Maduro’s claim that American aggression is behind all of Venezuela’s problems and that opposition leaders are puppets of the U.S. and has even made some of the dictator’s strongest detractors criticize Trump.

One such example, Mora said, is Human Rights Watch’s Jose Miguel Vivanco, who tweeted that



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