Report: Trump to Call for UN Naval Blockade of NKorea

The United States’ effort to further isolate North Korea with tough measures including an oil embargo will also call for a partial naval blockade, the Guardian reported.

In striking language, the draft United Nations resolution authorizes naval vessels of any U.N. member state to inspect North Korean ships suspected of carrying banned cargo and to use “all necessary measures to carry out such inspections,” the Guardian reported.

The Guardian noted the implications of such a resolution would be far-reaching, since any attempt to board or divert a North Korean vessel could trigger an exchange of fire.

According to the Guardian, the draft also calls for a block on textile exports and the hiring of North Korean labor by foreign countries.

The U.S. delegation has called for the U.N. Security Council to debate the draft in the wake of North Korea’s sixth nuclear test last Sunday, its most massive.

The measure would



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