Report: Secret Service removed alarm sensors from White House fence

White House fence-jumper Jonathan Tran was able to scale over into the presidential residency’s front yard because Secret Service removed alarm sensors along a portion of fencing.

On Mar. 10, Tran climbed over a fence between the Treasury Department and the east area of the White House complex. He also wandered around the property for over fifteen minutes.

The Washington Examiner claims an unnamed source told them the area of fencing was void of high sensitivity alarm sensors. Initially, a trip was detected, but officials were unsure if it was possibly from a squirrel or a bird.

Ironically, the sensors were removed because the Secret Service agency had raised the height of the fence to prevent fence-jumpers. This clearly did not deter Tran, who was able to bypass the inactive sensors without alerting security.

The Secret Service Presidential Protective Division is in charge of overseeing residence security.





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