REPORT: Government Employees Cost U.S. Over $1,000,000 EVERY MINUTE!

After reading this new report, you might be shocked, but you will certainly come to understand clearly that the federal government has far to go in order to drain the swamp.

The amount of spending pouring like an unstoppable wave out of the federal government is something that our founding fathers would find not just shocking, but un-American. And while you may imagine you understand the massive amount of money our government spends, I am guessing that the actual numbers will stagger even the most cynical American.

Now, it is beyond question that some of what the federal government does is necessary and it is true that our civil servants perform critical duties for all of us. However, there is little doubt that there plenty of room to “Drain The Swamp”

The political left, of course, claims that everything the federal government does is critical to the success



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