Renegade Republicans Are Saving Trump from Paul Ryan [VIDEO]

Those opposing Obamacare Lite are regarded as renegade Republicans, but they are the best allies the President has!

According to the media narrative, the renegade Republicans are the ones who refuse to vote for Paul Ryan’s replacement of Obamacare. Is that true? Or is Paul Ryan and those on his side the real renegades?

[embedded content]

The Associated Press reports the renegade Republicans face dire consequences for refusing to vote for Ryan’s plan.

The scheduled roll call vote for the bill backed by President Donald Trump is a crucial first test of whether Republicans are willing to defy the White House and face the wrath of a president who has bragged about never forgetting a slight. Trump has shown he’s willing to use his megaphone and practiced counter-punch against his allies. But the vote comes as Trump’s poll numbers have slouched and his White House is consumed with damaging…



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