Remember That Congressional ‘Hush Fund’ For Sexual Misconduct? It Just Got Worse

If you think that Congress had only one Shush Fund you may have been mistaken. Congress has always been creative in how they present things. They have always been devious in how they take care of their own. When it comes to paying off upset employees, they may have set the bar for creative uses of taxpayer money to fund their indiscretions. Well, here is another way that they send you the bill.

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Taxpayers recently learned some of the money they were paying to the federal government was going towards a “shush fund” to quietly pay off victims of sexual misconduct.

Whether it be the actions of members of Congress, or someone on their staff, over 17 million has been paid out over the past 20 years to cover for related incidents.

Fox News Insider previously reported the horrific figure:

Amid a wave of revelations of



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