Religious-rights group challenges judge’s ‘hate’ decision

Dr. Ben Carson labeled a “hater” by the Southern Poverty Law Center

Liberty Counsel is appealing the dismissal of a lawsuit against the online charity resource GuideStar alleging the non-profit legal group and other conservative organizations were defamed by a “hate group” designation that originated with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

A defender of traditional marriage, including in the same-sex marriage case before the U.S. Supreme Court, Liberty Counsel charged GuideStar violated the federal Lanham Act, as well as state statutes, by publishing false claims in a commercial setting.

Last month, a federal judge in Virginia rejected the complaint, ruling the SPLC designation did not meet the act’s requirement that the message in question have a commercial purpose. The judge concluded the SPLC “hate group” designation was “an informative statement” and “not commercial speech.”

WND takes you inside the “alt left” with an exclusive special report revealing the origins, motivations and



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