Reintroducing a proposal for Congress: The guilty liberal tax bracket

On Wednesday, Twitchy reported that Terry McGlynn, the editor-in-chief of Small Pond Science, went ballistic over news that the GOP tax cut bill passed.  In response, he whined that he doesn’t want a tax cut.  Liberals across the country, led by the so-called “mainstream media,” have engaged in a collective meltdown over the notion that some 80 percent of Americans will get to keep some of their own money.  So I decided to reintroduce something I first suggested at the now defunct back in 2011 — the guilty liberal tax bracket, with some important changes to reflect the times.

My initial proposal was called the guilty “rich” liberal tax bracket, but I decided to expand that to include all liberals, not just those making more than $500,000 per year.

At the time, I sarcastically suggested:

Congress should immediately amend the U.S. tax code to include a special bracket –



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