Refs Fed Up With Anthem Protests, Walk Off Field When Players Take a Knee

Well, it seems viewers and former NFL fans aren’t the only people upset with the NFL anthem protests. Who isn’t tired of the NFL protesters, right? This sick and pathetic act of kneeling during the national anthem has now made it’s way down to the high school level of football as well. It seems the referees have had enough! They are responding in their own unique way – walking out! That’s right! Doesn’t anyone know how to show a little respect to our military or flag?

Two New Jersey high school football officials walked off the field Friday night after players knelt during the national anthem.

Ernie Lunardelli, 54, and his son, Anthony, 27, stood for the anthem and left the field after seeing players on Monroe High School football team kneeling prior to a Sept. 28 game at New Brunswick, reported.

Both of the Lunardelli men warned the



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