‘Red rose’ protesters appealing trespassing convictions

A new type of civil disobedience has developed in the movement to protect women and especially unborn babies from abortionists.

People are entering abortion businesses and quietly give red roses to women waiting there, attached with the message “God is love.”

Whether or not it will be effective remains to be seen.

But it’s already getting attention, with two groups in Michigan now convicted of trespassing for taking part.

They will appeal the convictions, said the American Freedom Law Center, which likely will only elevate the profile of the activity.

The legal team says the pro-life groups went to the Northland Family Planning Center in Sterling Heights and the West Bloomfield Western Women’s Center a few months ago, “armed with red roses and a message of love and hope.”

To Sterling Heights went Dr. Monica Miller, William Goodman, Matthew Connolly and Abygail McIntyre, while Miller, Goodman, Connolly, Robert Kovaly and Patrice Woodworth-Crandall went



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