Realtor Gets Fired Over “All Lives Splatter” Facebook Meme

Realtor, Lynne Hix-DiSanto, was fired from Keller Williams Realty Black Hills over a Sept. 7 Facebook post of a meme that depicted protesters being hit by a car. DiSanto is also a Republican South Dakota Republican State Representative.

The meme that she shared began making its way around social media after the Charlottesville protests in August. As with most memes it is mocking and “tongue-in-cheek”humor.

It states: “All Lives Splatter. Nobody cares about your protest and keep your (expletive) out of the road.”

Ms. Hix-DiSanto added: “I think this is a movement we can all support.”

DiSanto enjoyed some agreement and some criticize which is normal for Facebook posts that are political in nature. However, this one garnered enough angst to prompt her broker, Black Hills Keller Williams to fire her.

We’ve seen Facebook post lead to termination before, but seriously? If she would have put up a



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