Real reason Trump rolled back Obama’s bathroom policy

Former President Obama (Photo: Twitter)

Barack Obama expanded a four-decade-old congressionally approved ban on discrimination based on “sex” to include discrimination based on “gender identity.”

Through an executive order, his reinterpretation of the law effectively forced America’s public schools to allow a high-school boy who declares himself to be female to shower with girls.

When Donald Trump took office, his advisers reviewed the 1972 Title IX law, which clearly didn’t address “gender identity,” and reversed Obama’s activism.

Now, headline writers apparently are surprised that the federal government will no longer investigate the complaints of boys who want access to the girl’s room and vice versa.

Within the last few hours, Slate stated “The Department of Education Will No Longer Investigate Transgender Student Bathroom Complaints.” WABE reported “The Education Department Says It Won’t Act on Transgender Student Bathroom Access.” A Washington Post headline said “Education Department no longer investigating transgender bathroom access.”

NPR cited a complaint by transgender high school

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