Real America Doesn’t Take a Knee

Each week brings out a parade of disgruntled NFL players taking knees and sitting on the bench during our National Anthem. They are supposedly protesting racial inequality in America.

It’s widely known to be fully legal and their right to sit, stand, salute or do whatever they want during the anthem. They’re not breaking any laws. But its just bad form.

The NFL itself has come under fire as they cater to the few kneelers and they’ve watched the unthinkable happen…their numbers are spiking through the floor.

It turns out the vast majority of America is proud of our flag, our country, and happy to stand out of respect during our anthem.

Real America doesn’t take a knee.

Last Friday, I enjoyed a high school football game. My son plays the snare drum during the halftime marching band display and I personally know many of the football players and



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