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In two years, Connecticut teen Charli D’Amelio has gone from dancing in front of her unmade bed, to having equity in billion-dollar companies, cofounding a brand with Hollister, launching a perfume, executive producing a Hulu show–and now being a $100 million brand.

In 2021, 18-year-old D’Amelio was the highest-earning TikToker, making $17.5 million from her casual clothing brand Social Tourist (a joint venture with Hollister and sister Dixie), Hulu show the D’Amelio Show and deals with brands like Invisalign, Morphe and Dunkin’. While she still posts videos of dances, D’Amelio also devotes much of her content to pushing her own brands and partnerships. A huge part of this is D’Amelio Brands, her family’s consumer product company, which nabbed a $100 million valuation as a pre-revenue, pre-employee and pre-product company, as it has publicity rights to the whole family and will make D’Amelio-branded products in areas like skincare and footwear. She and her family also launched $25 million venture capital shop 444 Capital to back nascent companies in everything from insurtech to consumer brands.

Read the full story on Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/alexandrasternlicht/2022/09/06/charli-and-dixie-damelio-turned-tiktok-fame-into-a-billionaire-backed-personal-brand-that-hinges-on-their-personal-lives/?sh=7a2062d97594

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