Radical Racist Thugs Targeting FCC Chairman and His Young Family

Ajit Pai is the FCC Chair and he and his family are under siege by a group of radical racists. This all has to do with the repeal of President Obama’s Net Neutrality. The crazies that oppose the repeal have been so threatening that Mr. Pai has had to move his family to safety.

This sort of action by the alt left is totally unacceptable. The full force of the Department of Justice needs to be brought to bear against these thugs. They need to be identified and exposed. Their backers need the same treatment. This kind of behavior must be stopped. 

As Written and Reported By Noah Rothman for the New York Post:

In the minds of today’s political activists, the objects of their fixations represent an existential threat. This is how opposition to an arcane, bureaucratic decision by the Federal Communications Commission transformed from a liberal cause into an obsession.



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