Radical Feminist Says, it’s “OK” to Destroy Innocent Men to Accomplish Goals

By Warner Todd Huston

An extremist, hate-filled, liberal feminist who peddles her lies to children as a bloviator for Teen Vogue magazine has proclaimed that it is OK if the lives of some innocent men are destroyed by false allegations of sexual harassment as long as the eventual end of those accusations results in the dismantling of the “oppressive Patriarchy.”

Yes, what we have here is yet another far left, “the ends justify the means” argument. It is the same argument Soviet dictator Joe Stalin made when he murdered tens of millions of his own citizens so that he could create the perfect communist paradise — a project that cost much blood but ultimately failed miserably.

You know another such saying, I’m sure: “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.”

The proclamation belongs to columnist Emily Lindin who jumped to her Twitter account on November 21 to



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