Rachel Madcow Facing 5 Years in Prison for Trump Tax Returns

Whoever MSNBC hired to make sure Rachel Madcow doesn’t say or do anything stupid should be fired right away.  Her little stunt with Donald Trump’s tax returns proved to be embarrassing and dangerous for her.  Embarrassing because despite all the hype, there was nothing negative in the tax form at all.  All she did was prove that herself, Hillary, democrats and the media have been spreading fake news for at least six months by insisting Donald Trump doesn’t pay taxes.  Thirty eight million is a lot of taxes.

It is dangerous for her because disclosing private tax information carries a penalty of a $5,000 fine and up to five years in prison.  Jeffrey Sessions, where are you.  It’s time to nip this crap in the bed.  Send Madcow to prison as a warning…



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