Python Swallows Hyena..Bet He’s Not Laughing Now [VIDEO]

It’s not supposed to happen.  Pythons never take on large prey like a hyena, whose powerful jaws could crush the python’s head easily.  That’s why experts in Kenya was amazed when a member of a tour group was able to record a full grown python as it ingested a full grown hyena.  The process was slow as the python unhinged it’s jaws to allow it’s mouth to expand and swallow the hyena.

Holidaymakers caught the gruesome moment a fully-grown python dislocated its jaw and swallowed a hyena whole.

Jos Bakker was on holiday in Kenya when he came across the rare sight of the rock python ingesting the large African carnivore.

The epic encounter was seen on the side of a road in the Masai Mara reserve. 

Researchers in the area were alerted to…



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