Pundits Like Ana Navarro Are Dividing America

This is what CNN calls political commentary. While appearing on Monday morning’s edition of CNN Newsroom, political commentator Ana Navarro added to the divisiveness in America by declaring that President Donald Trump is a “nincompoop” who is “unfit to be a human,” I am surprised she didn’t say “up his nose with a rubber hose.”

“He was a coward,” she added. “He didn’t have the spine to behave as the leader of the United States and I feel that to be shameful. I’m glad Republicans are calling him out on it. I’m glad elected leaders in the Republican Party are finally, finally stopping looking the other way and confronting the fact that he’s not only not fit to be president. In my book, his lack of empathy, his lack of leadership, his lack of courage, he’s unfit to be human.”

Coward? Gee those are strong words for a woman



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