Public School Teachers Strike For 3rd Day

Families suffer for a third day as well-paid government employees demand higher benefits.

Teachers in West Virginia continued their illegal work stoppage to rally for higher salaries, complaining that the rise in health care costs thanks to the complications of Obamacare should be covered by the government.

This is the second time teachers in the state have gone on strike. In 1990, an 11 day strike resulted in the teachers getting a higher salary. Clearly they’re looking for the same outcome here. And clearly they’ll get it.

Status Report

Right now, according to the National Education Association, teachers in West Virginia are among the lowest paid public school teachers in the country… but they’re bringing home over $45,000 on average.

One art teacher said at a recent rally:

“Our teachers and our public employees are getting less in pay per year every year, and people are fed up



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