Public School Dumb Kid Factories

America’s public schools have been a national disgrace for decades and President Trump might be doing something about that.
The left are in an uproar because the new tax bill creates an exemption for private schools and the liberals are crying that Trump is “defunding public schools to fund private schools.” Ben Wikler complained that this is “a straight up war on public education”.

Yes it is! And it is about time! The public education system, long dominated by godless, anti-American liberals have been waging war on America’s education, spiritual heritage and patriotism for fifty years.
This tax bill takes the important step of helping parents who want their children out of the public school dumb kid factories.
The left hate it when a child escapes from their public school indoctrination centers.

The public education system is completely sold out to the immoral and perverted sexual militants who are working to homosexualize



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