Public defecation map proves San Francisco a literal s***hole

On Monday, the Daily Caller reported that an interactive map created in 2014 called Human Wasteland proves that the city of San Francisco, California is a literal “s***hole.”

According to Benny Johnson, an interactive map “charts all of the locations for human excrement ‘incidents’ reported to the San Francisco police during a given month. The interactive map shows precise locations of the incidents by marking them with poop emojis.”

According to the map, downtown San Francisco seems to be where the, ahem, material, is most heavily concentrated.

The SF Weekly reported at the time:

St. George Alley can harbor up to 30 piles of poop per week, Department of Public Works employee Steve Mahoney told SFist. That’s exceptional. But it also illustrates a seemingly intractable problem in a city with limited public restrooms, constricted homeless services, and a line of filthy JCDecaux bunker toilets that often sit unused.

That’s a lot of,



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