Psychiatrists Discussing the President’s mental state create new lie to virtually diagnose Trump

There is a group of psychiatrists, odds are almost certain that they are liberals, that is determined to diagnose President Donald Trump from a distance. The goal is to convince America that he is not safe to hold the reins of the nation. They have used the same political ploys that were used against Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and George Bush. There is the same amount of honesty in this attempt. Read this.

As Written and Reported By John Sexton for Hot Air:

Psychiatrists Brandy Lee and Leonard Glass are leading a campaign to convince the public that President Trump is a danger to the country. In a piece written for Politico Magazine today, they argue that their efforts do not violate the longstanding “Goldwater rule” against making a diagnosis of a public figure without examining that individual in person. The Goldwater rule was put in place in 1973 by the American



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