Psych experts analyzing Trump ‘basically Clinton voters in disguise’

Psychology experts who have been drawn into the Democrats’ call for President Trump to be removed from office because he is mentally unfit have had their collective hand slapped in a new study that reveals professionals’ own political orientation biases their perceptions, despite claims to objectivity.

The study, “Personality profiles of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: Fooled by your own politics,” was authored by Joshua D. Wright and Monica F. Tomlinson and reported by PsyPost.

“As part of a larger study that we conducted pre- and post-2016 election on predicting voting for Donald Trump, we had participants report the personalities of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton post-election as an exploratory look at how voting might be linked to perceived personality traits of political candidates,” said Wright.

The 354 study participants provided information about whom they voted for, their personality rating of the two candidates and a self-rating of



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