Proud Trump Supporters Demonstrate Military Convoy in Kentucky

A convoy of Humvees has been spotted in Kentucky flying the Trump flag.

Several highway hounds reported seeing what they originally believed was a convoy of military Humvees, ripping down the expressways and interstates of Kentucky.  Upon further inspection, however, the vehicles were not active military vehicles, rather, they were part of a very powerful pro-Trump display – complete with a Trump flag flying high above.

Steve Thompson of Shepherdsville, Kentucky, and another amateur videographer spotted the fleet over the weekend and shared the sight online. But even after the videos made the rounds on Facebook and reddit, no one seems to know who these people are or why they’re driving around like a makeshift Trump militia.

“‘These are not US military vehicles,’ Major Jamie Davis, a spokesman from the Department of Defense, told the Herald-Ledger. ‘They are Humvees, but there’s no unit designator on there. In the Army, if we go out we have our vehicles identified.’

“Davis said the…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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